About us

Welcome to K3 Weddings!

My name is Kateřina Králová, I am the founder of K3 Weddings and I am here to help you to turn your dreams of a perfect wedding day into a reality. Before I tell you the story of how and why I've established this company, let me introduce you our customers — engaged, brides, women and men who are looking for professional help with an organization of any unforgettable social event. 

Imagine that you have just experienced the most beautiful moment in your life — your partner just asked you to marry him and you said yes. Now is the right time to start planning the most important day of your life. Where to start? How to find the best suppliers? How to make sure everything goes smoothly and without stress? This is the moment when the K3 Weddings team come to support you.

My story began a few years ago when I become a witness and I was in charge to plan the whole wedding . Realizing how challenging it can be, I've decided I wanted to help other brides and grooms to create their perfect day without undesirable stress. And just like that K3 Weddings was born, a company that specializes in coordinating weddings, parties and other social events. 

What makes us unique and different from the competition? Above all, it is our affection for what we do. We approach every event not only professionally, but with love. We listen to every wish you have and try to fulfill it so that your day is exactly as you dreamed it. In addition, we operate not only in the entire Pilsen region, but also beyond its borders - it will be my pleasure to come to you anywhere. 

Why to choose us? Because we know how important is the D-day to you and we want to make it as beautiful and unforgettable as possible. We will stand by you from the very beginning to the end - from the first planning to the big day itself. We will recommend you verified and reliable suppliers and ensure that everything goes easily and without any stress. 

So don't be hesitate and contact us to start planning your perfect wedding day. We look forward to working with you and being part of your happy story.